Here are some of the common questions we recieve


1. How can we contact you?


We prefer that you email us at


2. Why did you set up "Your Wedding at Loch Lomond"?


On our photography website, we had a page called 'weddings at loch lomond', that consisted of links to other suppliers and information on the local area. As the page was getting 'full', we looked into creating a separate wedding directory.


We then set about speaking to local wedding suppliers to find out what they would want from a wedding directory. What kept coming up was the high cost of advertising in other directories and the high cost of exhibiting at other local wedding fairs. We decided not to profit from other wedding suppliers, instead we would genuinely support them, by making our directory free.


Your Wedding at Loch Lomond went live in 2010. Not only do bridal couples have a one stop place to find out more about Loch Lomond wedding suppliers but we also support wedding suppliers, especially small/new businesses, through our free advertising.


We dont have any restrictions on how many suppliers can feature on our website, as long as they can provide a wedding service/product, cover Loch Lomond (and evidence this) and link back to us then we are happy.


Above all - this directory and our other projects are not for financial gain. We are in this because we have a genuine interest in the wedding industry, in the local area and in supporting small businesses to grow. We ask that suppliers respect the fact that we are using our own time to promote YOU.


2. What's in it for me?


As a supplier, you get to advertise for free on our website. We have no yearly fee. More information can be found under 'advertising'. We also ask that suppliers link to us on their websites and facebook and twitter (if they have these social media sites). This attracts more brides/grooms to the site and enables everyone to benefit.


Our facebook page is used to provide updates so please visit and join that page.


Our suppliers are considered FIRST when we are looking for exhibitors for our wedding fairs, therefore if you wish to be considered for these, please look into advertising with us.


As a bridal couple, you will find a large range of suppliers featured on our website with more added on a regular basis. 


3. Why are some categories empty/not very full?


This does not necessarily mean that we have not been able to get suppliers for this category.  We don't want to swamp the site with suppliers, and we do like to keep our supplier list professional. We are updating the website all the time so keep checking back.


4. Why do you have some suppliers who are based in outwith Loch Lomond?


Our directory is for bridal couples either residing in Loch Lomond or who plan to get married in Loch Lomond.


We feel very strongly that who their supplier is, is down to the couple. We are well aware that brides may choose Loch Lomond as a setting but prefer suppliers from elsewhere. Similarly, they may marry elsewhere but use Loch Lomond wedding suppliers. Therefore we aim to offer a variety of both venues and suppliers to choose from.


Its important to be realistic - the majority of brides to be want the best product or service, at the best price, especially in this current climate, and many are prepared to look further afield if what they want is not provided locally or if what is local is not suitable.


We feel we do have a good mix of suppliers based in and around Loch Lomond and we've had very good feedback from these suppliers as to the increase in business our website has generated. Take a look at our testimonials page for just SOME of the many comments we have received!


When brides to be contact us directly, we never recommend just one of our suppliers. We direct them to the appropriate page on our website and let them decide.


Last point to make: we are not the only "regional" directory out there who list suppliers from outwith that area!


5. How professional are your suppliers?


We allow you to make your own decisions as to which suppliers to choose for your weddings at Loch Lomond. We believe we offer a wide enough range to help you compare.


It is not always a full time supplier who can produce a professional service. A full time photographer could easily produce poor images, have a poor manner towards clients etc. Our suppliers are a mixture of full time, part time, work from home and online businesses.


They are all professional, dedicated to their work and they all have had much positive feedback. Should we recieve negative feedback regarding one of our suppliers, their advert may be removed from our site.


All of our suppliers can provide you with customer testimonials in the form of letters, emails, their websites or on facebook where you can read many reviews from their customers. Also many venues will have recommended supplier lists that they can show you.


6. Why has my advert been refused/removed?


This could be for a variety of reasons, including not supplying the Loch Lomond area, not linking back to us, complaints/behaviour etc. If you feel we have made an error, please contact us.


7. Why should I advertise with you and not with XYZ directory?


Advertise with both! Maximise your enquiries! We recommend lots of other directories! So if you decide to advertise elsewhere, then we wont hold it against you, thats not professional, is it? Our directory is free though and always will be ;-)

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