Balloon Decor

Balloons make a modern and inexpensive alternative to floral arrangements for those who have work with a smaller budget.


One of the most common types of balloon decorations that can be used for any type of event is the balloon arch. With colours of your choice and placed at the entrance to the venue or function suite, you have a nice entrance decoration that will last all day.


Another way to use balloon decorations for a wedding is to create unique centerpieces with them. You could have balloon sculptures in a variety of shapes and sizes or simple decorations that are placed on a table as an accent.


You could have a balloon drop where you are showered with balloons.This is a fun alternative to confetti during your first dance or perhaps as you arrive.


You could also have a balloon release at the end of the night, or perhaps after the ceremony. Children in particular would love this, especially if their names and addresses are attached. Where could the balloon end up? Would someone write back?


These are just some ideas you can use balloons for!


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