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Choosing your Candy Cart or Candy Buffet


Everyone has their favourite childhood sweetie. Remember the days of peering over the sweetie shop counter clutching your 10p piece securely in your little hand, or your £1 coin, in more modern times, looking longingly at the lovely selection of sweets in front of you? A little striped bag held by the shop keeper while you pointed at the favourites saying “one of those, two of those and oh, another of those....please.” Those were the days! White mice, double lollies, fruit salads, drum sticks and foam shrimps to mention just a few.


The latest trend to hit the UK, but has been a firm favourite in the States for a while now, is the Candy Cart and Candy Buffet. Bringing this service to your wedding or any special occasion will intrigue and delight your guests. It will be a great talking point and ice breaker amongst your guests. It will also be a lovely gesture, made by you, to thank your guests for sharing your special day. It will wow your guests and will be remembered and talked about for many years to come.


The choice out there


Candy Buffet

This is a selection of sweets (usually chosen by you after a discussion with the company) displayed in fancy glassware and sweetie jars with colour coordinated ribbons on the containers and swags on a table. Sweetie scoops and tongs are usually provided for guests to help themselves to the sweets. Provided also, the paper sweetie bags, usually colour coordinated, to put the sweets in.


Candy Cart

A Candy Cart offers a similar service as the candy buffet but instead of decorating a table, an Edwardian/Victorian type barrow is decorated with colour coordinated swags and ribbons, also, sweetie containers decorated with colour coordinated ribbons. Some companies offer colour coordinated canopy tops that attach to the little roof of the cart. This is something to think about when matching the cart with your colour schemes or party themes. The candy cart would create a stand-alone centre piece, a crowd pleaser and an eye catching display. It would be part of the decoration of the wedding venue.


Special arrangements

Added extras are sometimes on offer and are something to think about to complement the candy cart/buffet. These are things that can usually be easily arranged if the service is booked far enough in advance.


To have.....or not to have


themed or colour coordinated sweets

Would you want your sweets to be colour coordinated as well as the bows, swags and canopy top? Pink and white sweets are a very popular colour scheme. Would you want sweets to match a special theme? A chocolate, funfair, winter, beach, vintage, classic or Christmas theme, to name but a few.


personalised accessories

Colour coordinated and personalised sweetie bags are just one way of making the candy buffet/cart special for the couple and are widely available to complement the colour scheme of the wedding and also a keepsake for the wedding guests.


an attendant

An attendant could supervise the candy cart/buffet, serving your guests and topping up sweets if necessary. This would take away any concerns you might have about supervision of the cart, the top up of the sweets and keeping the buffet looking attractive, neat and tidy, especially if there are children attending the celebration or excitable adults!



Some tips when choosing the right candy buffet/candy cart for your wedding. Make notes about exactly what it is that you want, look at the websites of companies in your area, talk to a few companies and compare their services. Look at testimonials left by other satisfied clients. A good tip is to try and see the candy buffet/cart at a local wedding show or fayre . Their websites should advertise local events where they are exhibiting.


Enjoy your search and enjoy the unusual and unique concept that is the latest trend to hit the UK.


Author Julie LeBlanc


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