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Wedding Day Car Hire


With so much to plan for your wedding day, you sometimes may take wedding cars for granted, only to be disappointed when the car turns up not as you expected, late or doesn't turn up at all!


This leaves you with the stress and disappointment of having to arrange last minute travel just to get you to the venue on time. 


The questions below should be asked of a wedding car hire company and can help avoid these scenarios and help ensure your wedding day travel is everything and more than you expected it to be.


How long have you been in the wedding car hire business for and can you provide me some testimonials/contact details from recent customers?

Your wedding travel plans are in safer hands when going with a long established, and recommended company.


Can I see the car I want to hire in advance? 


Anyone can create a great looking website or brochure using out of date images, stock images or "stolen" pictures from other companies website.


Does your quote cover all costs involved for my wedding day?

Some companies have hidden extras in the small print such as mileage charges or additional costs for ribbons/flower placements. 


Can you provide multiple vehicles for our wedding day?

By having all the wedding day travel arrangements in the hands of a single company the chances of something going wrong are massively reduced.


Who will actually be the driver and what will they wear?

The best wedding car in the world can be let down by the most un-professional wedding car chauffeur in the world.


What are your company insurance details?

Any professional wedding car hire company should have hire and reward insurance that covers the commercial hire and transport of members of the public within their vehicle. This would provide for cover in the very unlikely event of an accident and any injury claim relating from it.


Do you have any contingency plans for if a car breaks down?


With classic and vintage cars there is always a possibility of engine/car trouble. How a company answers this question is a good indicator of their professionalism and dedication to ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly.

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