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Things To Consider When Choosing And Wearing A Kilt

There are a handful of decisions to be made when choosing and wearing a kilt. The first thing to decide is what tartan you want to go for. Most people like to wear a family tartan, if you don't you can choose a from the wide range of very nice general tartan that isn't for any particular family. You can of course wear any tartan as no one design is off limits. Then you will need to choose from a 5 or 8 yard, in wool or another fabric such as polyviscose - although not the traditional material that kilts were made from it's quite a good option as it looks very similar to wool without the price tag, it's also a good option for people who find wool itchy.

Then you will need to choose your jacket and accessories: having both as well as a range of accessories will allow you to put together a few different looks, especially if you are going to be wearing a kilt at lots of different functions, some formal, some casual.

The all important decision of whether to bare or not is up to you. The idea of not being a 'true' Scotsman unless you wear no underwear is false. However, it is fun and a good photo opportunity (think 'Braveheart'). Just prepare yourselves for the midgies!!

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